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Win a Trip to Cancun!

This isn't a spam post, I promise!

As part of my fundraising efforts for the incredible work of AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), I am running the XTERRA Half Marathon Trail Run THIS SUNDAY, December 2nd and I am still working on reaching my fundraising minimum for this event. 

For each $25 tax-deductible donation (i.e. donate $50 = 2 entries, $75 = 3 entries, etc.), you get an entry into the a raffle for:


Details for this raffle are available on my Facebook page at Donations can be made online via my fundraising page at

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This item was very graciously donated by Sunset World Resorts & Vacation Experiences and is valued at $3,090! To learn more about Sunset Royal and Sunset World, please visit Sunset Royal.

Any help you can provide in helping me spread the word would be very much appreciated! 

Thank you!!!
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Donate for a Photo

As you may know, I am a big supporter of a little organization that helps thousands of people every year obtain much needed health care, shelter, and other vital necessities.This organizations is called AIDS Project Los Angeles, which helps people living with HIV/AIDS and educates at-risk communities about prevention.

After many years of participating in AIDS Walk Los Angeles, last year I ran my first half-marathon to help raise funds for APLA. This year, I decided to join Team to End AIDS once again and take on the XTERRA Half Marathon Trail World Championship in Oahu, Hawaii which will prove to be an amazing challenge. We will be running in the same area where Lost and Jurassic Park were filmed - basically up and down a volcano! My fundraising goal, the other challenge, is a whopping $3,500, so I need all the help I can get!

To help supplement my fundraising, I will be offering some of my most popular photos in exchange for a $25 donation (plus shipping). Right now, I am only offering professionally printed 8x10 photos of James Marsters, but I hope to add a few more in the near future. 

If you are interested, please click on the link below for more information:

Donate for a Photo

The photos I am offering are:

I would also greatly appreciate it if you can help me spread the word about this program! Fandom has always been incredible about supporting good causes. I hope I can count on yours to help APLA save lives.

Thank you.
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team to end aids

Please Help Me Spread the Word

Please feel free to share this announcement with your friends or any appropriate communities, provided you have permission from the mods. Thank you!

On November 12th, I am running the Santa Barbara Half Marathon with Team to End AIDS on behalf of AIDS PROJECT LOS ANGELES (APLA) and I’m both very excited and nervous about the adventure ahead!

For several years I have participated in APLA’s annual AIDS Walk LA. This year, I decided I wanted to do something more and when I learned about the half marathon, I simply could not let the opportunity pass. You see, November 12th would have been my uncle Toño’s 55th birthday, but he died of AIDS at the age of 38. My uncle was like a father to me. I am running in his honor.

The Imagen Foundation, which is hosting it's 26th Annual Imagen Awards, has graciously provided me with tickets to their gala event for every $100 donation that I get as part of my Team to End AIDS participation. Each $100 donation guarantees you 1 ticket to the Imagen Awards gala. 

If you are unable to donate $100, a $25 donation will get you entry into a raffle for a chance to win 1 ticket to the awards ceremony!

No matter which you choose to do, your donation is 100% tax-deductible!


About The Imagen Awards
The Imagen Awards program recognizes and rewards the positive portrayals of Latinos in the entertainment and communications industries. 

Notable attendees to this year's awards include Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis, producer, director, and choreographer Kenny Ortega (This Is It), as well as actor and activist Edward James Olmos.

Celebrity attendees include CSI: Miami's Eva La Rue, NCIS's Cote de Pablo, Dancing with the Stars' Mark Ballas, Caprica's Esai Morales, Southland's Jenny Gago, The Event's Lisa Vidal, Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat and many more!

The Imagen Awards are a black-tie event to be held Friday, August 12th the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Donors will be contacted via email within a couple of hours of their donation with confirmation and complete details on the event.

The Imagen Foundation's website:

About APLA
APLA’s bilingual programs and services enhance both the health and quality of life of people living with HIV disease. Their services are designed to promote self-sufficiency for people living with HIV/AIDS, to support better medical outcomes and to keep people living with HIV/AIDS in care. APLA services include:dental and mental health care, food pantries, return-to-work and counseling services, residential services, as well as prevention education.

APLA's website:



AIDS Walk Final Stretch

First of all, thank you so much to everyone that helped promote my eBay auctions and participated in them! I really appreciate all of your support and generosity, especially because most have continuously provided that support and encouragement year after year. I am blessed to have such amazing friends!!!

Secondly, this is my final push for donations for AIDS Walk! oanimation, my sister and I will be walking THIS SUNDAY, a whole 10km (6.2 miles) around West Hollywood as the team She-Radettes. YAY!!! I'm very excited about the walk and I'm really looking forward to it, but I still have a ways to go to meet my fund raising goal. I hope I can still count on financial support from you.

There are 2 ways you can donate: Go to my personal AIDS Walk LA Donation page for donations over $25 or you can donate via Paypal to give less than $25. Each method is safe and secure, and more importantly, all funds will go directly to AIDS Walk which benefits AIDS Project Los Angeles and other HIV/AIDS programs and services in Los Angeles County.

Thank you. :o)
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Last Day for eBay Auctions!

Just a reminder that today is the last day for my eBay auctions. All proceeds for the auctions go to AIDS Walk LA, which benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles and other HIV/AIDS programs and services in the Los Angeles County region.

On the auction block are 2 beautiful photographs of James Marsters, taken by oanimation and signed by James, a Mad Brilliant CD signed by James, Charlie, Kevin, and Aaron, a Serenity pre-release movie poster signed by Joss Whedon, and a photo of Pam from True Blood signed by Kristin Bauer van Straten. Please check out the auctions and help me spread the word!

Thank you!

On the Auction Block

To supplement my AIDS Walk LA fundraising, I have put up a handful of signed photos and an album up on eBay. Here's the list!

Please check out the auctions and if you can't participate, please help me spread the word! You can also donate by going to my AIDS Walk LA Donation Page. Thank you!

AIDS Walk 2010 - It's Here Again!

My dear friends, over the years you have been incredibly supportive of my efforts in the fight against AIDS/HIV, either by donating, contributing to/participating in my Ebay auctions, helping me spread the word, or just offering encouragement. Your support has meant the world to me and I know that without it, continuing to participate in AIDS Walk and meeting my fundraising goals would have been tenfold as difficult.

I come to you once again this year, in hopes you will once again lend me your support to achieve my fundraising goals. As per previous years, I'm raising the bar for myself--I have signed up as a Star Walker, meaning that I intend to raise no less than $1,000. This is an extremely ambitious goal for me, but I hope you will be able to help me reach it!

This year, my fellow faithful walker, oanimation and I decided to do something fun and create a team. We are The She-Radettes in honor of one of our favorite cartoons and childhood heroine, She-Ra, Princess of Power!!! Seriously, how awesome was she?

My sister, millietheghoul, is part of our team and my friend, Linda, will also be walking with us. We did AIDS Walk together last year, and as usual, it was an exhausting sort of fun! AIDS Walk is a 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) walk, but I can't help but be amazed and inspired over the number of people who gather in support of the fight against HIV/AIDS. Our numbers always trump those of protesters along the sidewalks. We all have different reasons for walking, but what's important is that we walk. If you are unfamiliar with my reason for walking, I invite you to visit my "Why I Walk" post, which I originally created 6 years ago.

If you are able, please help me reach my fundraising goal! Donations can be made via my AIDS Walk page by clicking on the banner below. The site takes credit cards and Paypal, but only allows donations of $25 and up.

To donate less than $25, you may do so via Paypal directly to me. I promise that all donations received via Paypal will go straight to my AIDS Walk efforts and you will see your name (if you wish) scroll on my official donation page.

Proceeds raised via AIDS Walk support AIDS Project Los Angeles and other local HIV/AIDS programs and services.

Thank you for your time.
Yani :o)
James at the Queen Mary

She Stoops to Conquer Event Photos

I went to the She Stoops to Conquer special event last Saturday night, featuring James Marsters.

Since James ended up standing right in front of us during the Q&A, I took some photos, however, he was so close, there was no way I was going to use my flash (despite the crappy lighting).

Here are few of the pics I thought were salvageable. Please do NOT repost these photos anywhere. Thank you.

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That's pretty much all I'm going to share on that night's events. I tried writing a report, but then realized it was pointless to rehash on things that have been forgiven subsequent the apologies. :o)

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
thank you

You guys are awesome-thank you!

Thank you so much to musing_mia, effulgent_girl, mad_brilliant_, chic_c, spikesgurl, inxsomniax, okdeanna, teragramm, perpers, jameslovin1, debris4spike, theplanegirl, dusty273, oanimation, seapealsh, cordykitten, girlfmkitty, and spikes_cj, for the e-cards, messages, emails, posts, and virtual gifts I received over the weekend. Each and everyone of your messages made me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy.

My day was pretty awesome and I had lots of fun. So much so that I woke up Sunday with very little voice- I had a sore throat Saturday, and I guess I talked too much that day. Oops. Oh well! It was great and I really enjoyed the day!

Thank you!!!
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team to end aids

Photos: Serenity Con 2009 - Adam Baldwin

I'm not big on new year resolutions, but I guess that's what I can call this. I have SO many photos of events that I attended that I've never posted. They're just sitting around my computer/hard drive waiting for me to pay them some attention, which of course I don't do. So here I am this year, trying my best to at least give my pictures more than a cursory glance and sharing them. My intent is to do 3-5 photos a week - a manageable amount, I think.

First up is Adam Baldwin! I attended the Serenity Con in November of last year, so these aren't that old, but since Chuck starts back up tomorrow, I thought these would be appropriate. Anyone else here as happy as I am about Chuck being back? It's been too long!

Hope you enjoy. :o)

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These are also posted on my site.